Alum Rock Park, San Jose, CA

I led a 7-mile hike for Sierra Club today at Alum Rock Park, the oldest city park in California. Total elevation gain: 1300 feet. Easy hike for experienced hikers. I started the hike inside the park at Eagle Rock Picnic Area. It is a $6 fee on weekends, although you can park outside the park for free and walk in. This adds another 2 miles to the hike.

From the parking lot you climb immediately up to Eagle Rock, enjoy the view hike back down and head over to the Todd Quick Loop Trail. After the loop, continue on the road and down to the far end of the visitor center’s parking lot. The visitor center has a wildlife center and playground for kids.

It also has some great old remnants of mineral baths from the early park days. We stopped here for lunch.

We continued down the road along Penetencia Creek until we crossed the final bridge before the trail begins heading up some gentle switchbacks. No bikes from this point.

After about 8 switchbacks you come out to the top of the ridge and get some great views of Santa Clara Valley.

Continue on the South Rim Trail until you hit the paved road. Cross the road and head down the trail toward the entrance road.

The trail ends at the Creek Trail which we took over the bridge and out to the parking lot. The whole hike took 3.5 hours with a 30 minute lunch break.


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