Rancho San Antonio — Hours of Operation

I have been hitting the trail pretty early these days on the PG&E Trail at Rancho San Antonio. One day the gate was locked at 7 am even though the hours said from dawn to dusk. Inside the park the hours are posted from 8am to 5pm. So what are the true hours of the park? I asked a park ranger the other day and he told me he wasn’t quite sure because the gates are on an automatic timer, but he thought it opened by 6am or 6:30am at the latest.   One day there was a malfunction so it did not open until 7:30 am although people could get around because the exit no longer had the metal prongs that stick up to slash tires.   Apparently, the dawn to dusk rules doesn’t apply during winter when users of the park still come in during their usual hours. I assume it also stays open past dark.