Update on High School Trail at Fall Creek

Just a quick update on finding the High School Trail for Fall Creek in Felton.  The trail does start behind the San Lorenzo High School stadium; however, there is construction going on at the elementary school next door so you have to walk around it all by the swimming pool.  Also, many of the locals have walked their dogs on this trail for years but the state has now posted a “no dog” sign.  It doesn’t seem to stop people, though.   This is still a gorgeous, mostly level trail surrounded by redwood trees.  It is a much better entrance into Fall Creek on the weekends.  There is plenty of parking at the high school.


One thought on “Update on High School Trail at Fall Creek

  1. Definitely lots of dogs on the High School trail. I haven’t seen too many in the rest of the park.

    Where do you park at the High School? We have parked by the baseball field, near the pool, and walked all the way around the ball fields and up through the homeschool area. Is there a better way or place to park? Can one park by the homeschool when no school is in session? I guess when school starts up I can try asking. My daughter is at the Elementary school.

    Happy Hiking and thanks for the tips!

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