About My Background in Hiking

I grew up hiking in the Sierra Nevada and when I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to go to college I continued to hike.   I am now a CEO of Bill Wilson Center, a nonprofit agency in San Jose, CA and volunteer to lead hikes for the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.  I am also a commissioner for the Santa Clara County Park and Recreation Commission.  I hike every weekend, usually alone or with another local hiking group.  I started this blog because I need to remember the details for hikes when I am leading.  Sometimes the length and elevations for the hike descriptions are estimates because I often do not use a GPS on hikes.  Most of my hikes are for experienced hikers unless otherwise noted.

Safety notes:  always bring a map, water, food, layered clothing, a hat and a small first aid kit.  If hiking alone add a whistle and a small mirror so you can look at yourself if you fall and hurt your head/face.  A compass/GPS is great if you know how to use it.  Put on plenty of sun screen before you begin the hike.  I know you are supposed to tell someone where you are going when you hike alone but I change my mind so often after leaving the house that I quit doing it.


4 thoughts on “About My Background in Hiking

  1. It was nice to read your background in Hiking.I have been hiking with meetup group for almost a year now and have discovered some good trails and found real aspiring friends.

    Thank you

    • Yes, I have also signed up for MeetUp but have not done hikes with them. I still hike either alone or with Sierra Club or INCH. I need to update my blog but I usually use it just to keep track of hikes I may lead in the future.

  2. As a former Sierra Club hike leader and current state park docent at Cowell and Big Basin, I’m cautious about promoting “use trails” that are not signed and maintained by the park. Forinstance, in Cowell there are many “trails” where vegetation has been hacked out by users. Often they are on steep slopes and/or sandy soils where erosion is a problem. Some are in areas that are critical habitat for endangered animal and plant species (7 in Cowell).

    • I agree, Barry. The trail that I refer to as “Lost Camp Trail” in Fall Creek section of Henry Cowell State Park is well maintained by someone. Last year a huge tree fell over the trail and it was cleared out a month later. The trail is actually better than the eroded trail that comes up from the lime kilms. I will take note of your comments and make sure I consider the erosion issue.

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