Rhus Ridge to Black Mountain Update

Yesterday I took off work early to tackle Rhus Ridge to Black Mountain again.  This time the weather was clear and cool and it took me 3.5 hours to complete the 9.6 miles, 2400 feet of climbing.  The parking lot on Rhus Road is small, and remains a problem for starting hikes from here, especially on weekends.  It was a nice day, and when I arrived at 3 pm on a Monday there was only one spot left in the lot.  There is no parking along the road.   I would suggest hikers drive the extra mile down the main road and begin the hike on the Hostel Trail in Hidden Villa if the lot is full.  It is similar in distance to the top of Black Mountain and Hidden Villa has ample parking (they do charge a nominal amount.)  Please read my previous blog on the Rhus Ridge hike for more information.  The trail is the same, it only feels different depending on the weather.